We have had more opportunity than our parents and grandparents, but have we paid the price by losing skills that were once handed down from generation to generation? Have our diets of processed food and sedentary living created a generation of adults that are living longer yet less healthy, medicinally dependent, lives? I believe the answer is YES to both of those questions. I also believe that more and more of us are realizing this and are beginning to turn away from the societal norms of today’s senior living.

As we strive for a life of independence and self-reliance, we face resistance from a fast-paced quickly changing world, a health care system that is anything but, and yes, our own bodies.

Well-meaning friends and family members think we have lost our minds and urge us to slow down. While there is absolutely nothing wrong with living a slower lifestyle, for some of us that means getting back to a life of spending time in our fruit, vegetable, herb gardens. It means going back to cooking real meals and being less dependent on the chemical and convenient ways that we have become accustomed to. It is about us making decisions in our own health, contributing to a future that gives back instead of just taking, and creating a life that makes us feel alive.

It is my goal to create a place where people of a more mature age can find information that relates to our concerns, needs, and dreams of living a healthier more self-reliant lifestyle. It is about learning some skills that modern society has forgotten.

It is my hope that visitors will share their experiences so we can learn from each other.

We might be over the hill, but that sure beats being under it.